Using Your Own Domain

If you own a domain, you can use it as the address for your liturgical website.

Here are the steps to take.

  1. Login to Gitlab.
  2. Open the project used for your liturgical website.
  3. Find the gear icon (settings) on the left side of the page and click it.
  4. Select “Pages”.
  5. Click “New Domain”.
  6. Enter the domain or subdomain. If your domain already has content and you are adding the liturgical website to it, use a subdomain.
  7. Click on “Create New Domain”.

Gitlab will then show you a verification code, e.g.: TXT gitlab-pages-verification-code=f1d6f29318d7065d7b26df154472c819

In the above example, it is a verification for, a (fictitious) subdomain for

Next, log onto the website you use to manage the DNS settings for your domain.

Create a text record. The host name is the part of the verification code before TXT. The text value is the part after TXT. In other words, don’t include the TXT itself.